Transportation – Central Will Pace Dial-A-Ride Bus Program

What is the Central Will Dial-a-Ride program?

The Central Will Dial-a-Ride program is operated by PACE Bus and coordinates the collaborative efforts of five townships (Homer Township, Jackson Township, Joliet Township, Lockport Township, Troy Township) and the City of Joliet to provide transportation service to residents who are 60 years of age and older and also to residents with a disability.

What services are available?
The Pace Dial-a-Ride bus can transport eligible individuals from their home to and from work, grocery stores, local shopping centers, nursing homes, Village Hall, restaurants, hair appointments, medical appointments, to visit a friend or relative, and to any Township or Village sponsored event (services may vary by Township).

Are there geographical limits?

Yes. Participants may ride anywhere within the boundaries of Homer Township, Jackson Township, Joliet Township, Lockport Township, Plainfield Township, Troy Township, and the City of Joliet. Some medical facilities outside of the boundaries may be eligible; the Pace Dial-a-Ride reservation clerk will confirm availability

Who is eligible for the program?

Residents who live within the boundaries of any of the six townships or the City of Joliet are eligible for services if they meet any of the following criteria:

Senior Citizens (60 years of age and older)
Residents with a disability

Do I need a special bus pass to take the Dial-a-Ride bus?


Disabled riders please call the Regional Transit Authority at 312-663-4357 and press 3 for an application to obtain the RTA disabled bus pass.

Troy Township seniors may sign up at the Troy Township office (call 815-744-1963) for appointment or you may sign up at Seniors Services of Will County in Joliet. There is a $5.00 fee that must accompany the bus pass application for seniors.

What is the cost?

Rides are $2.00 one-way. Some individuals may meet the requirements to ride free.

How do I reserve a ride?

Once you have received your RTA Disabled Bus Pass or your bus pass from Senior Services (see above) you must call 1-800-244-4410 and ask to be transferred to a Registration Clerk. Ask the Registration Clerk to confirm that you are entered in to the Dial-a-Ride system. Once the Registration Clerk has confirmed your registration you can ask to be transferred to a Reservation Clerk to make your ride reservation. Rides can be booked up to 3 (three) days in advance by calling 800-244-4410, (TTY)1-800-393-4232 between 6:00am and 5:00pm. There is no guarantee that PACE will have space available for a ride when you call.  Therefore, it is recommended that you call as early as possible the day before you need the ride to make your reservation.

Can a companion ride with me?

Yes, a companion is allowed to ride with you. Companions are required to pay the $2.00 fare.

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