Snow Removal and De-Icing Plan

Troy Township Road District, commonly referred to as the Troy Township Highway Department, is responsible for providing snow and ice control for about 90 lane-miles of streets. There are also an additional 27 cul-de-sacs, and 4 high traveled frontage roads that are all encompassed in the area served.

Winter Snow Removal Reminder

During the winter months, Township trucks and road crews will be out plowing and salting the “unincorporated” road areas. We ask that the residents keep their vehicles off the streets when there has been a snowfall so the plows can safely and efficiently plow the streets and cul-de-sacs. Please use extra caution when driving near these vehicles as our trucks, plows and road crews are on the streets working for your safety.

Goal and Objective

Troy Township Road District takes pride in our snow and ice control. We consider this to be emergency work; keeping the streets clean, any time of day or night, to ensure accessibility for emergency equipment throughout the Township. This work also allows the schools to stay open and the roads to stay passable and safe for travel.

Careful planning and preparation must be done prior to the snow and ice season. This planning process is very complex and made considerably more difficult due to the variable conditions encountered during each storm. No two storms are alike.

Troy Road District Snow and De-icing Plan