Single Waste Hauler Initiative for Garbage Service in Unincorporated Troy Township

Residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Troy Township must contract individually, or possibly with their HOA, for their weekly garbage service. These individual contracts can lead to inequality in pricing, varied service levels, and lack of services offered. Also, as residents contract individually with waste hauling vendors, it increases the number of trucks (loaded with garbage) on our township roads causing undo wear and tear. With there being at least four vendors in our area that provide this service and residents contracting individually, each vendor could end up making two to three trips on township roads each week to complete their service routes.
That said, Troy Township is considering an initiative that would allow the Township, with voter approval, to bid and negotiate for garbage service for the residents of unincorporated Troy Township. At this time, we are surveying residents to learn more about their current garbage service (vendor, cost, services provided) and gauge residents’ interest in a program of this nature.
Please complete this survey by April 30, 2024.
Thank you for participating. Your feedback is important.
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