Recycling Center

The Troy Highway Department DOES NOT accept any electronic recycling.

Items Accepted
Textile Recycling
Traditional Recycling
Car Batteries

Normal/Recycling Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Recycling Hours of Operation
1st and 3rd Saturday Each Month
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.



Information on where you can recycle electronics

Map and Directions to our Facility

While we understand that our hours of operation do not meet the needs of every resident, we respectfully request that you do not drop off items in front of our gates or throw items over our gates when our facility is closed. This causes additional work at an additional cost to the taxpayers. We have implemented Saturday hours in an effort to meet the needs of those residents who can not come during our Monday thru Friday hours of operation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Recycling Guidelines flyer thumbnailTraditional Recycling
Through our partnership with Will County, the Troy Township Highway Department also offers traditional recycling for Township residents. When collecting your traditional recycling, it is important that you only including recyclable items and that NO GARBAGE is included with the recycling.

Information on traditional recycling and the items accepted.

Textile Recycling
In an effort to keep clothing, bedding, towels, etc. out of landfills, Troy Township Highway Department has partnered with USAgain to offer textile recycling.  Two clearly marked green and white textile recycling bins are located at the Recycling Center. Troy Township is working to keep the 100 million pounds of pre-owned, unwanted textiles out landfills every week. Aside from clothing and bedding, shoes, draperies, hats, belts, purses and other clothing items are being collected for recycling. All items should be bagged before being placed inside the green and white USAgain bins. For more information contact USAgain at (800) 604-9533

Eye Glasses
Unneeded eye glasses can be dropped of at the Troy Township Community Center located at 25448 Seil Road in Shorewood. All eye glasses are donated to the Shorewood Lions Club.

Other Items
For more information on where and how you can recycle other items such as paint, batteries, light bulbs, etc. visit


Troy Township Highway Department
Recycling Center
25358 W. Seil Road, Shorewood, IL
Thomas R. Ward
Highway Commissioner