Mailbox Claim and Reimbursement Policy

Mailbox Claim and Reimbursement Policy – Unincorporated Area ONLY

The following policy is adopted by the Troy Township Highway Department with regards to claims of damage to residents’ mailboxes as a result of snowplowing and deicing efforts of the Highway Department in the unincorporated areas of Troy Township.  

The Troy Township Highway Department’s primary obligation is to ensure that its roadways are as clear as possible of snow or ice. It is also understood that most mailboxes are located within the public right-of-way, and therefore while fulfilling the primary objective, mailboxes may be unintentionally and unavoidably damaged. This policy assumes there is a shared responsibility between the Township Highway Department and the homeowner when mailboxes located in the public right-of-way are damaged during snow removal operations. While there is no legal requirement that the Township do so, it is the policy of the Troy Township Highway Department to reimburse residents up to $100 for eligible damaged mailboxes, caused by direct plow contact on the part of the Troy Township Highway Department. 

Reimbursement must be requested by completing the reimbursement claim form (link below) and submitted within 14 days of the damage having occurred. Pictures must accompany the claim form. Original receipts should be attached for reimbursement to be made.

 A maximum of up to $100.00 for damage to the mailbox, post, and brackets will be reimbursed. No reimbursement shall exceed $100.00 regardless of the size, cost, or elaborateness of the mailbox, post, or brackets.  

 Claims will be submitted to and approved by the Highway Commissioner.

Download a mailbox claim form



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