Troy Township, Established 1850 - Will County, Illinois
Leaf Vacuuming 

Starting around the middle of October and running through November (specific dates are weather dependent) the Troy Township Highway Department will have the leaf vacuuming service for residents in the unincorporated areas of Troy Township. Residents must rake leaves to the edge of the street so the vacuum machine can reach them easily.  Do not put leaves in bags. Do not place leaves in ditches as the vacuum cannot reach leaves in ditch areas. Grass cuttings will not be picked up as we have no way of disposing them. Leaf pick up will likely overlap with branch and brush pick up. It is important that you do not put twigs, branches or grass in with the piles of leaves. Items such as branches or twigs will cause very costly and significant damage to the vacuums.  

Residents do not need to call to have leaves picked up. We have two vacuums that run every day throughout the township and continue to run until crews are caught up. Should an early snow or ice event happen, the Township will suspend leaf vacuuming while the roads are maintained as safety is our number one priority.

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